The Classic Walk

The Classic Walk

It all started with this walk. After graduating as city guide, I had the basics and a general idea how a walk worked. And what the three other city guildes brought to the people visiting the city.

I like to travel myself and occasionally go on a guided walking tour. With this all in mind I posed the question: "when visiting another city, what am I looking for?". The answers came quickly. A local who shows me the ropes, where to go, what to do, where I'll spend too much money on food and drinks, what happened in the city, fun stories, legends...

With all this in mind, the "Classic Walk" came to life. Showing you the city, telling stories, looking for details, not a boring history-class but someone who makes it fun. And, who's got the knowledge to answer any question you may have.

So I'll take you to a part of the city you'd normally miss when visiting Bruges, but also walking along those highlights of this city that stole my heart.

This two hour walk is the way to see what needs to be seen, so when you're here for a short, quick visit or have a limited time, this is the way to see Bruges !