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Tales and Legends - The Collection

The lastes work there is, published on 14 November 2020.
A unique book, gathering all the legends for the first time ever!

Tales and Legends of Bruges - The Collection

First in its kind! Bringing all the known, and unknown, legends in one volume. WIth 51 chapters, over 230 pages a complete collection of what brings Bruges to life!

After some research I noticed there was no English book telling the many visitors on what I love most when I visit a city: its many legends, the stories behind the scenes. Yes, there were some Dutch books but non of them brought all the known legends and tales together.

The few books there were, offered simply telling the stories but there was not one book that did research on the origin of them. Where did it come from? Was there truth in them? If so, how "true" were the historical facts that were used? And also important: when telling the stories word-to-mouth, how much of the information was changed?
After more than a year of research, working, writing, mending into fun-to-read chapters this work was finally ready to be shared! 
With ringing chapters like 'The Skull at the Smedenpoort', 'A Haunted House', 'The Carriage from Hell' or 'A Golden Dragon' there is a balance of entertaining stories, combined with interesting information. I found some legends being very closely connected with each other. 

All this is brought in the shape of a walk. So you can visit Bruges for the first time with this book in your hand. It will bring you to the most visited areas of the city, but also those forgotten parts.
Information you won't find in any library, cityguide or -book. 

Other books by Andy

"Writing is something I love to do, sharing the fun side of history to inspire people" Andy, 2019

These are the other books written by Andy

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Walking the Extra Mile with Your Bruges

The first book of Andy. After a couple of years showing visitors of Bruges the city, Andy noticed a lot of extra questions came during those walks. So he combined the most fun, interesting questions in this book. Also a walk, that you can use to visit the city for the first time. Using the "Sights Walk" you get to see best of the city, ticking off all the "must-see" spots of the Venice of the North. Accompanied by fun stories and interesting facts.

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Sagen en Legendes
van Brugge

Een eerste Nederlandstalig boek, op algemeen verzoek na het verschijnen van Tales and Legends of Bruges - The Collection.
Een verzameling van de vele legendes die Brugge rijk is. Met een kritisch oog op wat het verhaal omvat, zoekend naar ware feiten, interessante weetjes over de onderwerpen en personages in de legendes. Zit er waarheid in het verhaal, zijn de historische feiten correct? 
In een wandeling gegoten, maar perfect bruikbaar als leesmateriaal om lekker onderuit te zakken.

Tales and Legends of Bruges Part I

In a moment of inspiration, Andy discovered nobody ever had the idea of writing an English book where you could read every legend Bruges held. While doing research questions popped up. Where did the legend come from, what was its origin? Was it really true, or a mix of history and storytelling? Who were some of the people starring in the stories? 
Taking you to less known areas of the city, a discovery in a medieval environment.

With a sense of humor and an critical eye the research led to a fun mix of stories and interesting information.

Tales and Legends of Bruges
Part II

Continuing where he left off in Part I, Andy takes you along the most known views of the city, with a few hidden gems to discover. You'll be stimulated to look up where nobody else looks.

Again with that same feeling of humor, 25 more chapters were written. Telling old legends and new stories. Making connections between legends from this part, and from part I! 

Offering a different view on a city that is visited by millions every year.