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This is a place where I'll add my "partners in crime". People or organizations I work with, personally know and recommend. In Bruges and global ! My personal favorites.

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Photo Tour Brugge offers you the original & premiere photo-focused city walking tours in lovely Brugge/Bruges Belgium, as seen through the eye of resident travel, people & landscape photographer Andy McSweeney.

Since 2012, this top rated tour combines the very best of a guided walking city tour & a photography workshop towards getting you the best shot at the best photographic locations in Brugge. Regardless of camera, skill level or style of shooting, every tour offered provides practical photo tips & custom-tailored advice that’ll be of use towards better photos, in Brugge and beyond.

This is tourism with a difference. Discover Riga from a local perspective on a free walking tour to remember. Catch up on history and culture, while being led by guides passionate about the present and the future of Riga, Latvia. The Old Riga Free Tour is led on foot to show you the classical  Riga Old Town, whereas the Alternative Riga Free tour shows less visited places.

Moreover, the paid daily bike tours allow you to discover the Moscow District, the former Jewish Ghetto, Art Nouveau areas and Kipsala island.

Thoroughly Reviewed is a free online resource that offers in-depth reviews, detailed comparisons, and expert analysis. Moreover, they offer free resource guides for areas of special interest; such as the Paleo Diet Resource guide linked in the logo.

Samboat is the leader of peer-to-peer boat rentals and professional yacht charters. Whether you want to rent a boat at the best price or make money with your own boat, Samboat connects owners and renters in complete trust.

Likibu compares more than 4.5 million vacation rentals from the best online marketplaces all on one site. The world’s best vacation rentals and best deals are 1-click away! Compare results from popular websites to find the best deal in the best vacation spots.

"Why, Sir, you find no man, at all intellectual,  who is willing to leave London. No Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford" - Samuel Johnson.

Scroll down and discover the other views of London, all in a very easy-to-use map !

I personally loooooove London, so I can only recommend this alternative way to discover this wonderful city.

Safety is the most important factor to consider when traveling, so it’s always best to review some travel tips before departing on your adventure. Whether you’re enjoying a family vacation or backpacking by yourself, Europe is a wonderful destination to explore. However, with increased security risks, it’s good to understand how to stay safe while traveling.

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Experience a unique sightseeing tour of London with an amazing helicopter ride from Redhill Helicopters. There really is no better way to experience London than from the sky, where you can take in the stunning sky-line and see some of the city’s most famous landmarks without the hassle of having to navigate London’s overcrowded streets.

There’s no denying that London is one of the most stunning cities in the world. And sure, you could follow most tourists and view its incredible landmarks from the ground. But with The London Helicopter you can literally leave the crowds behind and see the capital from a totally fresh perspective. The incredible London helicopter flights offer you unique views of iconic London landmarks and an experience you’ll never forget. This really is a trip of a lifetime that soars above all other London tourist attractions !

A tour in Amsterdam with Linda is a guarantee to go home with a lot of stories and a smile on your face! With her experience in hotel entertainment, tourism, theatre and guiding, she always tries to give her guests something extra !

Linda was my guest on walk #50, and guaranteed you have a wonderful, open young lady showing you the sights of Amsterdam !

With pleasure these people help you with the organization for small or big groups who visit Bruges. Meeting in Brugge is the official convention bureau of the city and helps everyone who want to organize an event or convention (with contacting hotels, restaurants, event locations) in Bruges. All services are free of charge.

Rick Steves - Who doesn't know him? America's leading author on European travel. His travel guides give you the best tips and tricks on what's happening in the city. If I see Americans walking through the city,the majority has a guide of Rick in their hands.

London Walks - The biggest and best walking company in London. Every walk is well worked out and there is a wide choice so there's something for everyone. And not only within London, but daytrips to the country are done as well. Everything is really well organised into detail.

Free Sofia Tours - A group of highly motivated young people showing the beautiful city of Sofia. This is a free walking tour company, but are worth giving a huge tip !

1 Cover Blog - From some of the best-kept travel spots and secret locales to the most disappointing tourist destinations, this travel blog from 1Cover puts unique spin on travelling. With many interesting and useful articles like "10 ways you're offending people overseas" this blog is a must for all travellers.