Your Bruges


If at any moment there is something I need to tell, this is the place where I'll write it.

Guess who's coming back to town !!!

On August 26th, 2019 Andy left to live and work in Strasbourg, France.

There is confirmation !!!! Andy is back !!!

Starting on 15 november 2023, you can book your private walk with him!

He will be bringing his high-quality, informative, just-plain-out-fun walks again for you.

After finishing "Tales and Legends of Bruges, Andy took some time to think about a new project. 
We're pleased to inform you a new book is in the works!

It will be published in English and Dutch, but there's help to translate this new book to French, German, Spanish and Chinese!

If all goes well, it will be published somewhere first half of 2024.